Operational Excellence


"Continuously CAH is stimulating, pressuring and ensuring optimal operational excellence by conducting DOMA related and non DOMA related surveys and measurements."

CAH invests a great deal of time and effort into finding ways to upgrade and uphold service levels to passengers, tenants, airlines and other users of the airport facilities. Excellent operations are a pre-requisite for reaching CAH’s goal.

As supervisor, CAH is a contract party to CAP, and oversees the airport operations from a landlord’s perspective. In this role, its primary responsibility is to ensure continuity of operations at the agreed-upon standards, report on CAP’s performance and to seek additional possibilities to improve the airport’s functioning.

The standards have been been agreed upon with the government of Curacao and set in an agreement called DOMA (Development Operation and Maintenance Agreement) and pursuant to the DOMA of standards stipulated by ICAO (International Code for Airport Operations), IATA (International Air Transport Association, service level C) and relevant legislation.
ASQ Reports Independent survey among users of the airport

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