Space Port


A spaceport on Curacao will create a lot of opportunities for the local community and economy. It will be a boost for the island tourism and will also attract a wide variety of businesses. That's why CAH wants a spaceport on Curacao.  
CAH is providing the facilities to make this happen. It will influence Curacao in a whole new way.

CAH and Space Expedtion Curacao have agreed upon a partnership for the realization of this dream. CAH is considered mediator. XCOR has built a suborbital spaceplane that SXC is going to use.

For more information visite the websites of SXC & XCOR

This page contains general information regarding CAH envisaged plans and projects which are still subject to further discussions, assessments, elaboration, negotiations and corporate approvals. Therefore no rights can be derived from the information on this page. Please contact us for specific details.


Unique Investment Opportunities

Have a look at the airport layout and find out if there are opportunities for you and your company

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