Connecting the Continents


“Curaçao International Airport facilitates the growth in tourism by creating connectivity and air-routes between the Americas and Europe. To become the hub of choice in the Caribbean CAH's focuses on creating transit - and transfer connections for pax- and cargo and ensuring the right facilities and infrastructure."

By attracting foreign investment and businesses into the local economy, Curaçao International Airport actively facilitates and stimulates an increase in aircraft movements. Curaçao International Airport has the potential to become a sophisticated service hub predominantly for the (growing) Northern Latin-American market.

To exceed the growth of the local economy the growth of the airport should be exceeded too. Curaçao Airport Holding believes in stimulating the growth of the airport by restructuring the aviation industry organization and attracting international business.

In order to facilitate establishment of more carriers on the island, the island should adopt a new Airlift Policy that is fully flexible to adapt to whatever changes are needed.

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