Airport City Development


Since October 2008, HASCO (a 100% daughter of Curaçao Airport Holding) has taken over the responsibility for the Development of the Airport City of which roughly 200 Ha is available for direct development.

"As developer, The Holding's role is to make optimum use of the development potential of the terrains surrounding the airport. The Holding is owner of the airport terrain and facilities and surrounding areas as indicated in the situational map below. The Holding has full control over the terrain outside the immediate airport (Areas B and C) while CAP develops the airport itself (Area A). The terrains available for development cover some 200 hectare (494 acres) while over 3 km (1.9 miles) of terrain directly adjourns Area A, making it particularly interesting to aviation-related industries"

The available terrains for development are one of The Holding's most important assets and offer significant chances for the airport to grow. At the same time, the airport development will provide a major boost to Curacao's economic growth and should 'put Curacao on the map' as a business center in the Caribbean. The holding has proposed in 2008 to develop an "Airport City" consisting of a wide variety of activities surrounding the airport.

The economic value of development of all available terrains is a potential generation of over USD 10 million per year in lease income, and substantially more if The Holding co-invests in selected economic activities.

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Unique Investment Opportunities

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